Happy Veterans Day! Veterans Freebies Here

Please pass to your friends / family / neighbors: Veteran’s Day Giveaways and Discounts Many restaurants and businesses salute veterans on Veteran’s day with great discounts and deals.  Just to give you some ideas, the businesses offering deals include: Click here for a list of all the options and what they offer. Applebee Restaurants California Pizza

Winter Time = Buyer’s Market!

Thinking of purchasing a home in the near future? Here’s 5 reasons why sooner is better than later. The winter months are full of family, food and good times. Temperatures drop and so do house prices. You may not be thinking about buying a home at this time but here are 5 reasons why buying

Short Sale 101

What is a Short Sale? A short sale is a very common thing in the Real Estate market, and we’d like to take a moment to break down exactly what happens during the Short Sale process. The first thing to know about Short Sales, is there’s usually nothing “short” about them. In a short sale,