Carmel Valley Homes $1 Million +


Carmel Valley has been consistently rated in the top 5 best neighborhoods in San Diego. That kind of reputation was achieved because of its great location and beauty. Sitting on the northwest section of the city, the neighborhood is home to more than 50,000 residents. The daytime population, however, swells because of the workers who live in adjacent neighborhoods who are employed by local restaurants, coffee shops, corporate offices, and other commercial establishments.

As communities go, Carmel Valley is one of the newer ones, having been established on Feb. 1, 1975. However, construction didn’t begin up until the early 80s, which helps maintain its current status as one of the best places to live in the city. One thing that the neighborhood offers is a good location to grow a family. It’s near the beach, for instance, and that’s always a plus when it comes to prospective homeowners.

Schools are plentiful, with a good balance of the public and private institutions. Public transportation is also very convenient as you can go downtown in just 25 minutes from a slew of options such as a bus, taxi, light rail transit, and Uber.

Despite the swelling population, there are plenty of wide open spaces in the neighborhood so you won’t ever feel claustrophobic. There are community parks where you will find joggers, bikers, and workers having their lunch. Shrieks and giggles of small kids will occasionally break the stillness of nature.

Carmel Valley is one of the more peaceful communities in the whole county with a very low crime rate. There also few homeless people in the neighborhood. It has its own police department and fire station. People are also very vigilant and quick to lend a hand to distressed strangers. Despite being considered a big neighborhood, it manages to retain that small-village charm where people are friendly and courteous to each other.

Carmel Valley Homes for Sale for $1 Million +

The median cost of homes in Carmel Valley is around $1 million. In terms of square footage, the average cost in the neighborhood is $487, which is slightly higher compared to the city average of $444.

The prices of homes increased almost 9% over the past year, and it’s showing no signs of abating. Market predictions estimate that the cost of properties here will increase another 3.4% by the end of 2018.

If you are looking to find a home in the neighborhood, now is the time to find one because the market will only continue to grow. For instance, just in 2010, the median cost of houses here is just around $600K. In just eight years, the price almost doubled. This is one of the top neighborhoods in the whole county, after all.

If you have been eyeing this neighborhood for some time now, a good real estate agent can help you find your perfect home within the scope of your budget. You don’t have to settle for second best when we can help you realize your dream of living in Carmel Valley.

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