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Carmel Valley is an upscale neighborhood that is often confused with Del Mar. The two areas are a bit different. While the former is part of San Diego City with a Zip Code of 92130, the latter is a component of the San Diego County.

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For a clearer picture of its location, Carmel Valley is surrounded by the Pacific Highlands ranch to the north, Torrey Hills to the south, Del Mar Mesa to the east, and Torrey Pines to the west, which is also where Interstate 5 would be.

The affluent community is quite new by neighborhood standards in San Diego. It was only incorporated in February 1975, but development only came eight years later. But the area itself has a long history considering that the Carmelite Sisters of Mercy monastery used to sit here back in 1905, hence, the name Carmel Valley.

Population and Demographics

Carmel Valley has around 51,000 residents. The population density here is about 2,378 per square mile, which is significantly lower than in San Diego which has a population density of 4,233. That’s understandable, of course, considering the exclusive nature of the neighborhood, as well as the high costs of properties.

Most of the people living here are white, making up about 60%. Asians make up 28% of the ethnicity. The others are blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, and other races.

The mean household income in the neighborhood is around $129,061. While the net worth of the average household here is around $1 million. Meanwhile, in San Diego City, the mean household income for a family of four is $63,400.

What to do in Carmel Valley

Just head off to Del Mar, which is just literally minutes away, and you stumble upon dog beach. If pets are not your thing, you can head off to Del Mar City Beach, which is actually a favorite place for San Diegans.

There’s the Windwood Park which features obstacle courses for kids and the kids at heart. For a night out, you can try the Cinepolis Luxury Cinema, which was awarded the best movie theater for three consecutive years.

Skateboard enthusiasts will also appreciate the Carmel Valley Skate Park, which has over 13,000-square-feet of skater’s paradise.

Moving to Carmel Valley

The median home value in Carmel Valley is estimated at around $924,800. The average square footage in the neighborhood, meanwhile, increased from $424 to $474, which speaks volumes of the high demand for new homes in this posh community. In contrast, the median price per square foot in San Diego Metro is around $366. Listed houses in San Diego hovers at the $675,000 mark.

If you have some extra money and can afford the steep property prices, Carmel Valley is the perfect place to raise your kids. The crime rate is very low so they are safe even if they take public transport or carpool going to school. You also have a great view of the ocean as you wake up to the cool breeze coming from the sea. You are also bounded by the verdant green from the hills, which makes the neighborhood an ideal getaway from the noise in downtown San Diego.

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