Homes for Sale in 92083


The zip code 92083 is a chic neighborhood located in Vista, CA.

The neighborhood has a population of 41,359, up from the 37,000 in 2010, so this is a very vibrant community as more and more people are moving to the area. It’s also quite dense as the community is only about 5.6 miles across its borders. That means there are 6,800 people for each square mile. That may sound a little high, but this is California, after all, so it’s not at all uncommon.

The average commute for residents in the zip code is around 27 minutes, which is not bad at all considering that it’s Southern California.

Homes for sale in 92083 don’t stay on the market for long because of the view, the larger lot sizes, and the perfect blend between the old and the new. The zip code is located in the western part, and considered to feature more affordable properties compared to the zip codes 92084 and 92056 where the median costs are upwards of $450,000. The two zip codes also feature million-dollar listings, which contributed to the uptick in home prices.

Blend of Old and New

Another reason why people move to the neighborhood is the rich history of Vista. There are two movie theaters operated by the city, the Moonlight Amphitheatre and Avo Playhouse, the latter located in the historic district. The newer Krikorian Multiplex Theatre has also become a place of convergence for the residents and visitors, alike. The Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum, which pays homage to the city’s past, is also located here.

The city also manages 15 community parks that play a huge role in forming the culture and identity of the neighborhood.  For a bit of recreation, there’s The Wave Waterpark which feature slides, a lazy river, flow riders, and a competition swimming pool.

The Boomers Family Fun Park features arcades, restaurants, go karts, a mini-golf course, and waterpark activities.

According to City-Data, there are over 11,000 houses and condos in the area and more than half of the occupants are renters, which is higher than the 46% rate in the state.

Nevertheless, the average homeowner in the area has lived in 92083 for at least five years.

The good news is that the homes for sale in 92083 are more affordable compared to the state average. The estimated median value of properties in the neighborhood was $436,500 in July of 2018. That’s cheaper compared to the $502,00 in California.

Vista itself is renowned for having the best views in the county. You get almost unobstructed views of the ocean and the mountains. You are just a short drive from the beach. Plus, the area is elevated so you get to enjoy a nice cool breeze, especially at night. You will really appreciate it during the summer evenings.

If you are looking for homes for sale in 92083, seek the help of a reputable realtor. This is to ensure you get the best location and the best deal for your money when you move to the neighborhood.

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