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The 92117 zip code refers to Bay Park which includes North Clairemont, part of Clairemont, and Elvira with a land area of a shade under nine miles.  It has a population of 51,332, with a density of over 5,000 people per square mile.

This neighborhood is one of the most sought-after in the San Diego area. Families live here because of its proximity to downtown, yet it still offers plenty of activities for them to bond with their kids. Water activities like diving, paddle boarding, and fishing are popular occupations for the residents. For the most part, however, many people just relax by the bay or the beach and watch as the waves lap up on the shore.

The nearby Mission Bay is very inviting with its beautiful water and plush green grass lawns. Many people enjoy going there for some exercise or to just relax.  Sea World is also very close by if you enjoy a world class amusement park with great shows and gorgeous marine life.

The neighborhood is located 120 miles south of LA and just around 20 miles to the border. So just take a short drive and you will be enjoying the nice beaches of Mexico.

The neighborhood is profiting from the robust San Diego economy. This resulted in many improvements as you will see coffee shops, retail stores, and restaurants mushrooming about. Most residents just commute to work. In terms of traffic, San Diego is still not as bad as Los Angeles with an average cummute time of around 23 minutes.

This is still California so moving to the neighborhood means enjoying a year-round sunlight, which is the perfect swim weather.

All that advantages do come with a price tag. Although the market price dropped 1.6 percent from 2017 figures, you are still looking at around  $550,000 if you want to move into the neighborhood. The price is may go up as the total inventory contracts. Most of the houses are built around the 1950s although there are condos, apartments, and newer houses that are being constructed left and right.

The houses are typically single-story and they often come with a good size yard. There’s plenty of elbow room for you to modify the property and make it your own. The neighborhood is not yet as renovated as some areas in San Diego.

There’s a certain kind of calmness that familiarity breeds. Living here for just a few weeks and you will know every street corner, shortcuts, and the areas to shop and eat at. Besides, residents are quick to share their secret spots once you get to know them.

A good number of neighborhood residents are just renting their place. Most rental properties are two-bedrooms with an average cost of over $1,400 per month.

Whether or not you want to buy a home or rent a place, a good realtor can help you find that dream spot you’ve been looking for. Realtors love this neighborhood because the homes offer few surprises.

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