Homes for Sale in Bonita


Homes for Sale in Bonita

Elegant, Suburban Houses for Sale in Bonita, California

Between the hustle and bustle of San Diego and Chula Vista resides the warm and inviting community of Bonita. Stretching over five miles with a population just shy of 13,000, Bonita offers newcomers some much needed refuge from the bright lights and frantic pace of the surrounding cities; here in Bonita, residents find a warm and inviting community atmosphere, characterized by wide open spaces and plenty of leisurely comforts.

If great weather, fine dining, beautiful sceneries, and a relaxed lifestyle are some of your preferences then Bonita is the perfect neighborhood to meet your needs.

Things to Do in Bonita

Escape into Nature

The name Bonita comes from the Spanish word for beautiful, and this community more than lives up to that namesake. Despite the urbanization that’s come to the neighborhood, it still manages to retain much of the natural scenery which first drew visitors to the area. Throughout Bonita you’ll find a variety of lush natural parks, rugged hiking trails and an array of fruit-bearing orchards that are the delight of tourists and local citizens alike.

Ride Off into the Sunset

Equestrians too can enjoy a wealth of opportunities to exercise their passions across Bonita; the neighborhood is home to several purpose-built facilities offering spacious stables, trail rides, equine therapy, and one-on-one horseback riding lessons.  Check out Sweetwater Farms on the aptly named Equitation Lane to find out more.

A Foodie’s Delight

Meanwhile, if international cuisine is your true love then you’ll find plenty of eateries to satisfy your cravings throughout the community. For Hawaiian food, Ono’s Café on Bonita Road with its delicious coconut shrimp and freshly made poke is the place to be. For fusion fare, Romesco’s Mexiterranean Bistro offers a delight to the senses with its inventive blend of Mexican and European flavors. Those of you with a sweet tooth, have to head over to Hans and Harry’s Bakery a one-of-kind Dutch style sweet shop that serves up a platter of treats including breakfast cakes, tarts and delicious homemade strudels.

Hit the Links

Golfers itching for an opportunity to get in their weekly 18 holes need not worry! Bonita is home to a world-class golf resort that more than matches up to similar facilities in larger cities. At Bonita Golf Course you’ll find an event center, a well-stocked pub, and a selection of the finest courses that South California has to offer. What more could a golfing enthusiast ask for.

Properties of Every Type

From trendy condos, to spacious ranch-style homes, and sleek modern real estate, Bonita encompasses a stunning diversity of architectural styles for both families and first-time homeowners. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a country style of living, with city amenities, or you’re simply looking for a safe, secure base of operations; this friendly community will fit the bill.

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