North Park Homes for Sale


North Park Homes for Sale

The stock of North Park has risen in recent years, and it’s now known as one of the most attractive neighborhoods in San Diego.

When you enter the neighborhood at 30th Street and University Avenue, you will be greeted by the neon sign that reads “North Park.” It has become a can’t-miss landmark.

There’s a large concentration of bars, cafes, restaurants, groceries and other commercial establishments along the Park Boulevard, University Avenue, El Cajon Boulevard, and 30th Street. But you will find more density housing and infill developments here to accommodate more people who are relocating to the neighborhood.

There are more high-rises on the pipeline, particularly in the uptown area, which will cater to homebuyers with more money to spend. The development projects also entail the allocation of green spaces and parks that would serve as a place of convergence for the residents.

In 2012, Forbes included North Park in the “America’s Best Hipster Neighborhoods” because the community is “culturally diverse” in addition to the countless cafes and bistros that dot the area. But don’t let that label scare you away.

North Park is a lively neighborhood and many of the shops and parks are within walking distance, which adds to the appeal.

Dryden Historic District

Walk toward 28th and Pershing Streets and you will find yourself in Dryden Historic District. Most of the homes here date back to the 1920s up to 1930s. They feature the architecture of that time, which was the typical Craftsman, California bungalows, and even some Spanish Colonial Revival.

The neighborhood was declared as a historic district on June 23, 2011 to preserve the homes designed by renowned architect David Owen Dryden. Of course, with historic districts, you need to secure the approval of the San Diego Historical Resources Board before you can introduce changes to the housing designs.

Real Estate Profile of North Park

According to Zillow, the median value of home properties in the neighborhood has already breached the $600,000 mark. And the values are still rising as the prices grew 9.3% in 2017 and are expected to expand another 9.5% in 2018.

Because it’s one the hottest neighborhoods right now, you can expect the prices per square foot here to be higher than in Metro San Diego. For instance, the per-square-foot cost in North Park is estimated to be $507, which is about $60 more compared to San Diego in general.

Surprisingly enough, rental prices in North Park are lower compared to the median value downtown. You are looking at $2,250 when you rent a house in the neighborhood compared to the $2,695 in San Diego.

When you move to the area, you can expect apartment homes, condos, multi-family complexes, and single detached homes. You can also find Craftsman homes and some Colonials when you venture into Balboa Park. Go to Morley Field and you will find even more Craftsman, as well as California bungalows.

Balboa Park

Right next door to North Park is the amazing Balboa Park. It has numerous fields of beautiful green grass with surrounding gorgeous tall trees where people engage in disk golf, soccer, baseball, archery, swimming and many other fun activities. There is also a tennis club that is open to the public and it has been voted the best public tennis club in the country.

There are also lots of beautiful museums at Balboa Park with breathtaking architecture. Some people go to Balboa Park and feel like they have taken a trip to Europe without all the expense and packing. The San Diego zoo is also right next door.

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