Living in Mira MesaMira Mesa is a town located directly north of the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar (MCAS). Its was begun with military families in mind. It became home to these families. Later, the town grew by leaps and bounds. As Mira Mesa real estate developed, it produced a mix of single family, condos townhomes and apartments. The town today has many neighborhoods, both established and new. It has many stores restaurants, services, medical, educational and religious features. Living in Mira Mesa includes plenty of self-contained conveniences and upscale neighborhoods. Neighborhoods come with plenty of privacy from busy streets like Mira Mesa Blvd. Many streets are not directly reached from the Blvd.

A Closer Look at Living in Mira Mesa

The town is considered an urban town. It has a fairly dense population. Although, its neighborhoods are well-planned and have relaxed, family-friendly amenities. They include seclusion and quite a suburban feel. Home prices are well within the competitive range for the San Diego area. The median price of Mira Mesa real estate is around $440K.

Living in Mira Mesa, when it comes to home ownership includes an average of 3 or 4 bedrooms in a single family home. Although, for those who want low-maintenance choices, 3 bedroom condos and townhomes are fairly easy to find. Most homes in the town are established and newer. They were built between 1970 and 2000.

Many homes in the town are rented out. These homes are popular with a diverse set of renters, including military families. Rent averages in the town are within competitive averages for popular home markets in San Diego.

Residency levels tend to stay high in the town. People tend to keep their homes, resulting in a somewhat low percentage of homes for sale. In response to that, new construction continues on a periodic level. Select new subdivisions provide some of the the latest features in modern homes. They provide great new areas for raising a family or for young professionals to locate near the many job centers around.

Mira Mesa is centrally located. It is just a 15 minute drive to the beaches on the west. It is about a 10 minute drive to Miramar Lake on the east. It has several good schools and a community college. It maintains a strong focus on quality education and quality of life. Find out more. Get details on the benefits of living in Mira Mesa. Browse View a useful lifestyle and listings search. Contact and area expert at RC Realty of San Diego for more info.

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